Today's Story: Another Journal Connection, Random Moments & Random Connections

Last week I had a random moment. An idea to share Journal Junky with others! I love journaling. I believe in the power of writing to create ideas, to heal, to help one become a better person, to connect with ourselves, to connect with others, for inspiration... So I decided to share my passion with others by starting a 30-day giving campaign. During these 30 days, I plan to give away 30 journals to show gratitude and appreciation for my customers, fans, and supporters.

The first person to win a free journal was Merit.  She was so happy and excited to win the Heritage journal. She happened to be local and came by the studio/workshop to meet us! It was an epic experience.

Merit was a breath of fresh air which blew into our studio this morning. Quite refreshing. We met a friend for life. She is so passionate about our work, and we love that!  Merit and I plan on working together in the future.

 Sometimes random moments and events bring special people into your life who are meant to be there. I've met so many new and awesome folks through this campaign. People I would never have connected with otherwise. Never stop creating random moments in your life. You never know what will happen...

Xo Nicole


  1. Meeting you yesterday made my entire day! I cannot tell you what a treat it was to meet you and Tatiana and see the amazing work you are doing in your sweet little studio! Our connection filled me with joy and energy and I was so excited to share our meeting with everyone I could! I can't wait to see you again and see what fun we can get into! I pray for great blessing for you and your sweet family and that your business will continue to bless you and everyone who receives one of your special journals! Grace and Peace my sweet new friend!

  2. Thank you so much Merit! xoxo


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