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My name is Nicole Annette, and I am the Owner and Senior Maker here at Journal Junky.  I guess I can tell you that I have a B.A. in Psychology, and a M.Ed. in Adult Learning & Development...but that's boring.

Really, I'm a paper addict, journal writer, avid list maker, doting stay-at-home mommy of one hilarious 4-year old, and loving wife of William W.

Journal Junky was created out of the need to help my family. Journal Junky continues out of the need to help yours...

In June of 2008, I married William, the love of my life. Life would have been more than perfect except for the fact that he got laid off two weeks before our wedding day. With a hiring freeze in the medical field in our local area, finding a job was near impossible for him for six months. I relocated, from Ohio, to North Carolina after our wedding, and found it hard to get a job as well.

After much searching, and putting in of applications, I remembered a co-worker mentioning Etsy a couple of years earlier, and in August of 2008, I began Journal Junky to help supplement our needs.

As a paper lover, and self-proclaimed journal junky, an online stationery shop seemed like the perfect fit. Now, instead of buying my journals and paper goods, I just made them myself, and (surprisingly) others loved them!

Etsy, and my customers, have helped to change our lives, and after six years, Journal Junky has finally evolved from a hobby to a business, and is still bringing joy to our lives and to the lives of others.

The purpose of my business is to enhance the lives of my customers and their families. I create natural, earth-friendly paper products designed to inspire you to organize your life, plan your special moments, write down what matters to you, create conversations, and cultivate relationships.

I design, create, and ship every product in my shop, with this in mind...

-Nicole Annette

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