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Spring Cleaning Series: The Secret to Finding Your Freedom to Flow

"Success is not defined by the quantity of actions taken, but the quality of actions taken toward accomplishing your goals."

Hi there!  Can we start a conversation around the subject of decluttering?  So lately I have been STUCK!  My creativity has been stagnant, my energy has been sapped, and I have been feeling just plain tired!  So much has been going on in my life, and I realized that I was becoming immobile.  I wasn't accomplishing much, wasn't feeling very productive, and my momentum was grinding to a screeching halt!  A few days ago,  I decided to stop, take a step back, and write about why I was feeling stuck.  I realized that I was so overwhelmed with all that I had to do that I just shut down both mentally and emotionally. 

Now, what comes to mind when you hear the word "declutter?" Many times we think of cleaning and organizing our physical space, but can it relate to our mental and emotional space as well? Of course! You see, I've been on a mission to clean up the chaos of acquired things in my life that no longer serve me.  Our home is on the market, and I realized that I have so much clutter that I have carried with me over the years, from one home to the next.  I literally donated and recycled 10-15 bags of STUFF! Can you believe that!?  It's true.  On this journey, I have truly felt the grief of letting things go (but that's another post for another day.) 

After three phases of decluttering, my home is now feeling much more spacious, cleaner, and looks gorgeous! Most importantly, my mind has been clearer and much more focused as well.  Today, I want to share with you how I have decluttered my To Do List in order to allow more freedom to flow in my business and in my life. I love the word "flow," because it speaks of smooth & continuous motion regardless of the present circumstances.

Do you want to be successful? I do. What does success mean to you? For me right now, success means to be able to give to and inspire those around me, and live a fulfilled well-rounded life without extra stress.  Many times we define success by the quantity of things we can accomplish in a day. So often, we pack our To Do Lists with a multitude of tasks, and then we feel like failures when they aren't all accomplished!

This is why I began to declutter my To Do List. You see, I begin to feel trapped by my To Do List. Life would happenen, the list wouldn't get completed, and the unaccomplished tasks would haunt me and cause great anxiety. This became my constant story until I decided to change it.  I now declutter and minimize my To Do List on a weekly basis, and I have also changed the word, task, (which implies something unpleasant that I HAVE to do,) to action steps, (which implies momentum, and my CHOICE to move forward toward a goal.)  I also changed my list title from "To Do List," to "Goals," "Daily Actions," "Success List," or "To Accomplish."  Again, these words are just a bit more empowering and take the drudgery out of the everyday goals that need to be completed.

Decluttering my list means to weed out the less important actions, and action steps, that can be delegated, or performed by someone else.  Minimizing my list results in only a few action steps that need attention.  Scaling down from a list of 15-20 actions to five quality actions, allows me to have more freedom in my day to complete them, freedom for creativity, freedom to rest, freedom to connect with others, freedom to flow, to move, and to be inspired.

After accomplishing the few quality action steps, I began to feel more in control and empowered to add a few more actions to my list.  Don't forget, you can ALWAYS add more actions to your list.

Is YOUR To Do List long and overwhelming?  Here is an activity that may help.

In your journal:

1. Define & prioritize your goals.
2. Create a Master List of action steps necessary for accomplishing each goal.
3. Break down your Master List into a list of mini action steps.
4. Begin with only three to five mini action steps a day to accomplish.
5. Accomplish these mini action steps, cross them out, check them off, and celebrate!  (Feel free to add a few more action steps if you desire.)

By decluttering my "To Do List," I have become unstuck.  I have been able to create more momentum in my life and business, which inspires greater action and results in greater success.  I now feel more accomplished and in control, my day is more profitable, and I have found the freedom to flow.

What are YOUR thoughts?  How do YOU work through feelings of overwhelm when you have a lot to accomplish? Comment below to continue the conversation.

xo Nicole

6 Easy Steps Toward Achieving ANY Goal

During the year, and especially in January, I focus on my vision and goals for the year.  I take time to revisit my dreams and reshape the ones which are no longer congruent with my vision and purpose.  I have accomplished so much in 2016 by using the following 6 Easy Steps Toward Achieving ANY Goal, and I wish to share them with you:


At the beginning of the year, (and really every day,) I take a moment to reflect on what I already have.  I figure if I am not thankful for what I already have, then how can I appreciate the success to come?  I take a moment to remember the blessings and the things I have received so far.  I think of the people and situations that made these blessings possible.  I am thankful for my successes, and all I have achieved so far.  I appreciate the lessons I have learned, and the wisdom gained from perceived failures.  I have gratitude for everything in my life and business.


Everyday, I try to make sure that each action is intentionally congruent with my vision for my life and business.  I consistently ask myself these questions and write down the answers:

-What do I truly want in life?
-What do I need right now to manifest my vision and to bring it into reality?
-What is my purpose?
-Who can I serve?
-What are my core values?


Some of my core values are honesty, self-awareness, compassion, living simply, helping others, kindness, freedom, and creativity.  I have used these core values to shape my vision, and I use my vision to design the goals for my life.  For example, taking the core values of self-awareness, compassion, creativity, and helping others, my Vision Statement includes inspiring others to become more self-aware and to create change into their lives through journaling.  I share more about this below.


Guided by my vision and what I see for my future life and business, I write down 3-5 long-term goals (what I want to accomplish in the next 1-5 years,) and I write down 3-5 short-term goals (what I want to accomplish in 6-12 months.)  These goals are priorities that are based on my core values.  I never set a goal that is inconsistent with my values.  Writing your goals, instead of just verbalizing them, allows them to become real. You become more accountable to what you put on paper.

I use the following SMART Goals system:

Specific: it is so important to be specific when setting your goals.  If you set a vague goal, you cannot create significant steps towards achieving that goal.  You will never have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. 

For Example:

Vague goal: "I will lose weight."
Specific goal: "I will lose 30 pounds."

Measureable: simply put, establishing a baseline or a starting point of where you are right now, allows you to have something by which to measure your success. 

For example: 

"Right now, I weight 100 pounds" (this is the baseline.) Using this baseline, you will know that you achieved your goal when you weigh 70 pounds because you know from where you started.

Achievable and Attainable: in order to be successful in accomplishing your goals, they have to be set where you can achieve them.  Now I believe that one should set challenging goals and reach for the stars, but it's easy to feel like a failure if the goal is unattainable.

Realistic: as you set your goals, ask yourself if your goal is realistic for YOU.  I once set a goal to make $100,000 in 12 months.  Where this goal may have been achievable and realistic for me, it certainly wasn't at the time.  With a new baby, a new home, and many other responsibilities other than my business, making $100,000 was not the main priority.  This goal wasn't realistic for me because I did not have the time, energy, or education necessary to attain it.

Timely: the timeframe of your goal works with alongside of being attainable and realistic.  Don't put your goal on a timeframe in which it isn't possible to accomplish. This creates negative feelings of failure and un-achievement.  Setting a timeframe of 5 years by which to make $100,000 may have been more realistic for me.  Losing 30 pounds in two days is not realistic, and the person trying to accomplish this goal will fail.  However, losing 30 healthy pounds in 30 days may be more realistic, thus making it achievable and leading to positive feelings of accomplishment.


Write down how each goal will contribute to your vision.


Break down larger more expansive goals into smaller manageable parts. I call these parts, "mini goals." For each mini goal, create action steps to complete. Don't forget to include your time frame!

I love the action steps because each one completed, adds momentum, fosters greater self-confidence, and creates success.

I truly hope this helps you as it has helped me.  Don't forget to stay focused and consistent!

Feel free to leave a comment below, and let's continue the conversation...

Xo Nicole

Thoughts: On Change & The Power of "The Shift"

The Shift in perspective...
when clarity is born of uncertainty
when reality becomes defined and the eyes of the soul become clear
only then can we see, experience, and acknowledge TRUTH.

The Shift is paramount to growth whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical.
For the mind and heart to embrace new beliefs, new ways of thinking, a change in current motives, ideals, and preconceived notions-this is monumental.

This powerful shift builds new life and breathes new ideas into the soul.  These new truths eradicate old beliefs, habits, and practices, thus creating lasting change.

x Nicole

From: My Daily Thoughts-A Journal
8:12 AM

Just Breathe...

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Today, I have nothing to say. No profound words of Journaling wisdom. No advice or exciting writing tip. I just want to sit still, be silent, and BREATHE.

Today, I have no desire to stare at Facebook to see the latest article on business, the cutest kitty pictures, or my neighbor's luxury vacation. I just want to sit still, be silent, and BREATHE.

Today, I have no need of music, news, commentary, or the opinions of the world. I just want to sit still, be silent, and BREATHE.

Today, I will not compare myself to others and think on the minor troubles in my life. I will instead have a thankful heart, think of those in need, and have gratitude for all of the blessings in my life, and sit still, be silent, and BREATHE.

Today, I will enjoy my own company. Today, I will speak with myself. Today, I will write. Today I will wear my new sweater wrap and enjoy a cup of tea. Today, I will smile to those who pass me, because I know that the secret to happiness, contentment, and peace, is to be still, be silent, and JUST BREATHE...

Xo Nicole

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