Building the Beginning of Something Great: The Journal Junky Story

Nine years ago this month, we were so poor.

I remember, the first cross-word my husband and I had was over rather or not he could by a McDonald's hamburger.  We were joyful newlyweds in our small and cozy, one-bedroom apartment.  We had so many dreams, goals, and plans.  Our heads were in the clouds riding high on our love...until our money ran out.  And then life hit us with a bang, and thus we crashlanded back into Reality.

We got married in June of that year, and the problem was that my husband lost his good job one month before we tied the knot.  I moved 600 miles to his state, and could not place a job in my new hometown to save my life!

So now, he wanted a hamburger, but our wedding gift money had run out, our savings were exhausted, our job searches were dead-ends, we were counting coins, scared to max out our credit cards, and I was CONVINCED that we could not afford the pleasure of one fake & floppy hamburger.  But then, he made a very good point that gave me pause in the very intense ranting of my defense.  He said, "Baby, $1.07 won't make us or break us. We need HUNDREDS of dollars..." (chirp chirp chip)

Well, he enjoyed his burger that night, (and I even had a bite,) but that evening, we decided that we needed a solid financial plan.  We began to budget and keep track of the little money we had. He eventually got a part-time job, but I wanted to help.  We both realized that I spent my money on journals,  and that they were costing MORE than a hamburger!  He suggested I make my own journals, and I did.  I begin to sell them locally, and they were well received.  I then opened an Etsy shop, and business exploded.  These books have helped pay the bills ever since.

Nine years later, I am so humbled to have had the opportunity to build something I love.  I've been able to share my story, live my dream, and meet so many amazing folks on this business journey.  I look forward to the future of Journal Junky and I firmly believe that stories shared in love can change another's world.

What's YOUR story?

Xo Nicole

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