In My Journal: Of Breath & Life

In light of sad news I received yesterday, I needed to journal my thoughts:

Life is short. It quickly becomes the essence of memories. Of un-accomplished dreams.  A fleeting breath caught up in the whirlwind of agendas, of ambitions, of moments, of life...until it flows no more.

What words are uttered between those fleeting breaths? What if we just have a certain number of breaths to breathe? Once we exhale, that breath is gone. We no longer can regain the life that we have lost within those passing few seconds. 

A question: How am I using my breaths? To complain? To hurt? To encourage? To blame? To build? To inspire? To give love? To offer thanks?

The words we speak between breaths are powerful. They can create. They can crush.

What if each breath...

...held gratitude to those who support and love you?
...offered thanksgiving for each moment of life, and shared that life with others?
...took a break from ambition to show love and appreciation towards those who matter?
...spoke positive words that heal and restore?
...created stories that impact others & created change in people's lives?

Life is short. It quickly becomes the essence of memories...what will YOU leave behind?"

Xo nicole


  1. Beautiful. I love to journal - have kept a 'journal' of sorts since 1976 when I got married & when I'm gone, my children will have a great time reading through them.

  2. Oh that sounds so divine. What a legacy you will leave behind...


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