PRODUCT STORIES: The Story Behind The SPROUT Journal

I was inspired to write the SPROUT journal by a fabulous young lady named Gray. Her mom, Jennifer is a customer, whom I reconnected with through Instagram. From her posts of Gray, I fell in love with the little girl.  She just seemed to be so full of energy, so creative, and her smile simply expressed the joy of life! I finally had the awesome opportunity to meet Jennifer, and received a beautiful letter from Gray which I will treasure forever. I am also inspired by the many youth who are in my life.  These young people have a zest for life, a desire to do good, and have ambitions and dreams. 

You are also my inspiration. You have so much potential and so much life to live and enjoy! May you never lose your creativity, your energy, your smile, and most of all your uniqueness.
This journal is dedicated to young people or ANYONE who wants to begin the journaling process. Simple prompts make this the perfect easy-to-write guided journal.
Sample prompts:
People who help me...
These things make life beautiful...
These are things I can give to others...
What makes you YOU-nique?
Ages (10+ Perfect for teens and new writers)
Thanks for reading!
xo Nicole

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