A bit of a creative Monday. New products!

Usually Monday mornings are solely dedicated to housework.   I love to freshen up and maintain each room for the week ahead.  I don't know about you, but I have a hard time functioning if my home is not presentable, but after a super long weekend, I woke up feeling totally inspired, creative, and innovative.  I sprung out of bed (actually rolled out groggily, thanks to my two year old toddler's piercing, "Mommy!") but nevertheless, I was out of bed and into my creative workspace first thing this morning, and that's where I've been all day!

These are new additions to the Naturals Collection, and will be added to the shop by Friday...

I am working on totally revamping the look of Journal Junky.  These pictures represent how I want my shop to look, my correspondence, my Social Media presentations, my packaging, and all aspects of the business.

These are products that will be returning with a new life. They are just cute pillow gift boxes/organizers to
hold all manner of gifts or office supplies, paper clips, book rings, small colored pencils, snacks, 
candies,mini cards...Hmmm I think I will create matching labels for each box, to complete the look.
These products are the natural twist to the original white planner cards found in my shop
I wanted to create a sort of rustic, organic, simple look to these cards, which I think makes them quite attractive and unique. The Daily Agenda list card is an 11 x 4.25 card perfect for 
creating and tracking daily goals.
...and the final new product of the day is the natural 4 x 6 spiral bound notebook.  This little book fits comfortably in a bag or purse, is very compact but functional.  It's perfect for quick thoughts,expressive ideas, drawings, writing, poeming...

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