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WELL! The New Year is well on its way, and I am so thankful to be here another year working, being creative, writing...Last year was undoubtedly tough, and personally, I look forward to a healthy and profitable year in all aspects of my life. 

My goals for the year, month, and everyday are as follows:

1. Enjoy life and every moment with family and friends.
2. Find the good in each day and magnify it.
3. Do something special for "ME" everyday.
4. Cultivate relationships with my customers and business support system.
5. Stay organized and maintain an attitude of good stewardship in my life (both business and personal).
6. Take risks, don't be afraid of failure, or SUCCESS.
7. Plan before taking action.
8. Create something everyday even if it turns out weird.
9. Stay focused on my goals, and write them down everyday.
10. Maintain a success (to-do) list for EVERYTHING!

What are your goals for the year?

Here are a few pictures of a couple of updated products I have been working on this month:

I have closed my Journal Junky Naturals shop on Etsy, and will be focusing solely on my original Journal Junky shop.  I will be adding these natural-look items to the Journal Junky shop this month.  The
Note Card Organizers will be the first in the "Naturals" product line.  I love them!

I'm also working on improving my product pictures.  I want to be able to tell a story 
through the pictures, and show clarity and detail.



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