At a Loss For Words? Hmmmm....What Should I Write in my Journal Today?

(I want to begin a new blog series called "At a Loss for Words!" I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.)

Picture of Mary E. Hanks, Novelist

Have you ever sat with your journal and pen at a loss for words? I do on occassion. When I am at a loss for words I look for wonderful quotes or poems to discuss in my journal. This often helps when my brain is stagnant! First, I read the quote and write it in my journal (don't forget to date your entries!) I may or may not write down where I read the quote. Second, I reflect on its meaning by asking questions: How do I relate to the quote? What positive message is it sending me? How does the quote effect me emotionally, or spiritually? How can I apply this quote to my life? Will it help me become a better person? Does this quote teach me anything? Third, after I answer my reflective questions, I usually write a conclusion, an affirmation, or a goal.

I hope this helps! Happy writing!!!

This is the quote for Monday, November 22:

Do more than exist LIVE
Do more than touch FEEL
Do more than look OBSERVE
Do more than read ABSORB
Do more than hear LISTEN
Do more than listen UNDERSTAND
Do more than think REFLECT
Do more than just talk SAY SOMETHING

~Author Unknown

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