At a Loss For Words? Tuesday's Thoughts-FIND JOY!!!!

Hi everyone!
I am very happy today! I am happy due to a number of reasons, school is officially on Thanksgiving Break! I get to see my family from Ohio! I'll be taking personal "ME" time tomorrow! I'll be traveling this weekend! I'll be able to wind-down and have some stress-free moments! My awesome business coach will be sharing Journal Junky journals during her local television interview next Monday! I am loved by myself and by others! These are just some of the things that give me JOY today.

I was thinking about the things that make me happy, and decided that this could be another great journal entry. I found another wonderful quote I 'll share with you. Joy can be found in such innocent and simple circumstances... Enjoy!


I would like to read a noble poem.
I would like to see a beautiful picture.
I would like to hear a bit of inspiring music.
I would like to meet a great soul.
I would like to say a few sensible words.

By Goeth
Philosopher and Playwright

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