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Sometimes people are inspiration to your life and they don't even know it. My business inspirational role model is Barbara Morina. Who is Barbara Morina you might ask? If you are a true journal junky you may know of her or her products. Barbara is the owner of Journals Unlimited. She is a Journal Junky who has followed her passions and built a journal empire! I have been a fan of Journals Unlimited for the last couple of years since I found a journal in mint condition on a bottom shelf in a Salvation Army store during one of my "great find" excursions. I could not believe that no one wanted this journal! So of course I had to buy it. I was hooked! Journals Unlimited has a product line of prompted theme journals. The guided questions are great for someone who has writers block.
They offer more than 55 titles in the "Write it Down" series. You can find a journal for any and every Journal Junky in your life!! From fisherman and teachers, to teens and campers, Journals Unlimited offers journals for day to day planning, journals to record your dating excursions, journals to keep up with your contacts, journals for Christmas, daily devotions, gardening and even one for visitors! So amazing, I can go on and on. The journal I picked up from the Salvation Army was named Inspirations, a Gratitude Journal. It reminds me of all the things and people in my life I have to be thankful for.

I recently purchased another journal from Journals Unlimited-The Day Planner. This journal breaks down my day into hours and assists me with organizing the many obligations I have.
This is a new colored series.
Journals Unlimited books come in
a variety of colors and sizes, have a
handmade feel and are made of recycled materials.
They are printed with soy based ink and
Made in the U.S.A.!
I have always wanted to contact Barbara Morina and tell her how much she has inspired me in my entrepreneurial endeavors. I have been a little nervous to do so, but finally I did over the weekend! She hasn't responded yet, but I really hope she does. If she doesn't at least I have the satisfaction of doing something that I felt was important. I am learning, (thanks to my Marketing Coach, Marilyn Ball), to make new connections on a daily basis, to reconnect, and to do something new every day!
Visit Journals Unlimited when you get the chance!
Enjoy your day!

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