It's Friday!!!!Inspiring Places to Write! Waterfalls

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

Today's inspiring place to write is "Waterfalls!" Since moving to the mountainous regions of Western North Carolina, I have fallen in love with those majestic mounds of earth. Every opportunity I get, I go to the mountains and sit by the waterfalls and reflect, revive my mind, and rejuvenate my heart's goals and ambitions. The rush of water expels all negative thoughts, purifying the heart, mind, and soul. The earth shakes under my feet and the power of nature encourages the strength of my creativity and imagination. With pen and paper thoughts begin to flow as easily as the water around me. My soul pours forth words from it's depths. I write, and write, and write...
If you ever get the opportunity, take your journal and find a waterfall and release your thoughts between the pages of your book...

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