A thought on the Morn...

Hmm...as I sit here in my sunroom/studio I breath deeply soaking up the essence of the morn. The aroma of my Dunkin Donuts vanilla flavored coffee wafting in my nostrils...my coffee roll sits in anticipation, ready for consumption...

I have forgotton the refreshing beauty of the break of dawn. I truly miss it. Being a night owl, I have long not had the experience of waking up at dawn and welcoming the sun from the east. I seriously must do this more often! The morning inspires me to plan the day. The previous pains and sorrows, joys, and accomplishments from the day before are surpassed by the promise of a new day. The morning sun provides the energy to fuel dreams and goals. The early breeze clears the head and allows the mind to be creative and motivated. I love mornings!!!!!!

Enjoy yours!


  1. Weeelll I'm glad someone does! lol!
    Me not so much!

  2. LOL Erin. You must try to get up earlier my dear!


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