Home School Group Creates Scrapbooks with Journal Junky!

Happy with our end result!
Even the guys were happy!

The children seriously did not want to stop with the stamping (even after they were finished with their books!)

Look at our scrapbook journals!

So where did we start?

First we began with two blank pieces of recycled cardboard (the covers)

Next, we selected scrapbooking papers and pasted them to the cardboard covers

Then, we 3-hole punched the covers and made sure that the ribbon binding was cut just right!

Now, it's time for embellishments. We used stamps galore for this part!

The scrapbook was thoroughly inspected to make sure it worked perfectly...and viola! A memory book that lasts for a lifetime!
I had a blast working with A Brighter Tomorrow. We must do it again...soon!
Thank you for the opportunity.

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