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Greetings dear readers,

I have come to think about my blog and frankly, I want more. I look at all of these beautiful blogs with hundreds of subscribers and fancyness, and then I look at mine and I say hmmmmm...

Now readers, I need your help on this. I have started another blog more journal-loving generated. This current blog is basically my business diary as you know, but I want a fun blog that speaks truly of the essence of journal lovers everywhere! With lots of pictures and fun journal giveaways. Truly sharing my passion for journaling, papers, pens, and writing! (Not to mention inspirational stuff!)

When my 2nd blog is up and running, I'll be sure to let you know!

I am running another Journal Junky giveaway. This giveaway starts now, and will end on March 31.

These are the rules for the giveaway:

Please answer the following questions. For each question answered, you will receive one point. You can get up to four points. Each point will give you another chance of winning the prize. When you respond, please submit your comment with your email address so that I may contact you if you are a winner. There will be five winners for this giveaway.

Because I value your responses, I am giving away a Journal Junky sampler as the grand prize! This has not even "hit the stores" yet. I am currently working on this special gift set. I will share pictures a little later in the next few days. This sampler will include my new covered pencils, a Journal Jotter, and Mini Journal Jotter, a 10% off coupon, and special packaging.

The second prize will be an exclusive Journal Junky Eco-Friendly Large Lined Journal of your choice with a matching bookmark.

Three other prizes will be tokens of my appreciation!

The winners will be chosen by random selection. The prizes will be given according to the effort put in to your responses.


1. Please visit my online store. Tell me what you think of the new products there and of the store itself. Where should I improve?

2. Please share in detail, the kinds of things that would make a perfect Journal Junky blog!

  • What keeps you engaged as a blog follower?

  • What do you like to see?

3. Please share your favorite blog and tell why.

4. Are you a Journal Junky? Why or Why not?

I look forward to reading your responses! Thank you so much.

Nicole Annette


  1. 1. Well, I like the store. I don't like sites that have "too much" going on. I like a clean look with just enough info (but not too much). I feel like your store has that.

    2. As silly as this sounds, I like pictures. :) When I open up a blog page and just see a ton of text, it makes me not want to read it. (I feel like you have always done a good job with this.) Reading blogs is for fun, and I like to see fun stuff.

    Perhaps you can do a blog about you - and your adventures in crafting. Like when you find a great sale on paper, snap a picture of it and tell about your plans on what to do with it. Or just if you're driving around and see a gorgeous tree that inspires a new design - tell about that. And of course show all the new stuff you are making.

    3. I have a lot of blogs that I follow. One of my favorites is my friend April's blog at http://cupofdelight.blogspot.com/ I like her's because she blogs frequently (but not too many on the same day), and they're cute and interesting. She shows different crafts she's made and just blogs about stuff she likes. I like to keep up with her, and she's funny and we have similar taste, so it's fun to see what she's into.

    4. I am an admitted Journal Junky. My husband used to say, "She's not a journaler. She just collects journals." Although I do write in journals, I end up buying more than I can fill up. I have different journals for everything - one by the bed so I can write down crazy dreams. One that stays with my Bible so I can take notes in church or write as I talk to God. I'm even on my second journal for my son (he's 18 months old). Since he was born, I write about what he's doing and what we did that day (or week), and I put pictures in it so that when he's older he'll be able to see how we started out our family together. :)

    And one more tip for the actual journals - I would like to see more pages in them (if that's possible). Less pages is fine for some of my journals, but I like to have one journal per year (as the "life" journal - where I just write about what's going on with me). I don't like to write on the back of the paper (I know I'm weird), so I prefer journals with 80-100 pages so I can get through a whole year with the same one.

    Hope this helps - but I think you're doing great!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing Megan! You are great!


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