Wow! Sales in the last Two Weeks!

Wow! Sales have really picked up in the last two weeks! I'm glad about that. (Thank you for starting the trend Megan)

I just looove to get new orders out and prepare my journals for their new writers! I sold 35 journals in the last two weeks. (I sold 20 yesterday! Wowee!) This is how I like business to be, flowing...

Update on my to do list for this week: (see previous blog posts)

1. I called a number of potential wholesale customers. (I have yet to hear back from them)

2. With the profits from the last two weeks, I was able to enroll in a business incubator program. The program is run through Mountain Biz Works here in Asheville, NC. They lead you from the onset of your business, teaching business plans, coaching, offering advice, and provide a variety of resources (legal, advertising, marketing...) I'll keep you posted.

3. I organized 2009 receipts and plan to complete my business taxes tomorrow! I am on the roll!

4. I'm blogging!

5. I worked with a home school group and we made scrapbook journals! We had a blast.

I am excited about what I have accomplished this week.

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