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As many of you may know, this blog serves as my purpose to journal all about my hobby-turned business. Therefore, I post updates on the progress of Journal Junky. For a little over a year now, Journal Junky has been in existence. It has been a great year due to my great customers! This has encouraged me to begin a new Customer Appreciation Program:
(Click on the picture for an up close view.)

This program is really going well. Each customer gets a coupon or gift of some kind and I have seen an increase in faithful customers returning for yet another journal. I just want to take a moment to say that I am truly thankful for all of the Journal Junkies out there who make my business thrive. Support is so important to a small business owner. Blog Followers, Volunteers, Family, Customers, Mentors, Friends, and Visitors all help to inspire and encourage.

Thank you.

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