My Wholesale Goals and Successes

My goal for Journal Junky is for my products to be represented in at least one boutique/gift shop in every state in the US! So far I am in four states and in eight stores! This year, I plan to really work on my wholesale goals. There is so much work to do!

An update on some stores:

Write On-Asheville, NC

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I received a call from a very excited Mr. Shopowner (I am unable to release his name at this time.) Mr. Shopowner is a wonderfully sweet man who owns Write On. The journals are selling so well at his shop that he wanted to order more! This is my first consignment opportunity, and I was very wary in the beginning. I decided to try it and it worked! The journals sold and Mr. Shopowner re-ordered.

I also received an email from a very excited Write-On customer who purchased one of my journals. The customer's name is Katie and she wrote me a very inspiring email which totally made my day! Here is an excerpt of her email:

Hi Nicole,

Periodically I duck inside Write On to check out the new products they are carrying. I went this past Sunday intent on buying a new journal, as I have recently gone through some pretty big changes and wanted to mark these new changes by treating myself to a brand new journal. Immediately I was drawn to the whimsical designs of your journals and decided on your "boiled eggs and tomatoes lined journal". I write to you now to compliment you on the work you do and wish you luck as you try to get your products into stores in every state.

Also, a happy word about the owner of Write On (a jolly gentleman...not sure of his name...): He was absolutely thrilled I was buying one of your journals and commented that you were local. He seemed genuinely pleased to be carrying your wonderful journals.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you Katie.

Malaprops Bookstore-Asheville, NC

I received another reorder from Malaprops over the holiday as well. Mrs. Buyer ordered 24 journals! Can you believe that! I am soooo happy that my journals are worth purchasing. It makes me feel so good to share my passion of writing and journaling with others.

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