My Business Diary June 4

June 4

Dear Business Diary,

Today, I am truly at a loss. I received an email from a fellow Etsian a couple of weeks back-apparently she was concerned that I may have copyright issues due to the nature of my work. I didn't really see it being her concern but never the less "her concern" did encourage me to be a little more knowledgable about my work.

My journals are covered with a variety of scrapbooking papers to keep them unique and exciting. I have a huge paper selection (I just looooveee paper!)

This is the definition of a copyright from West's Encyclopedia:

This is the definition of copyright infringment from the Tech Law Journal.

However, in regards to using scrapbooking papers-many companies offer what is called an Angel Policy which allows an artist to use the company's products on a handmade item. The companies I use have such a policy.

What I learned from this experience:

1. Be sure to do your research and know your business.
2. Make sure you know your business laws in regards to your type of industry.
3. Always have a disclaimer. On my website, I now mention that I use a variety of scrapbooking paper and that I do not claim any designs unless they are my own.

If you are looking to copyright your work check out this site: (very helpful)

Hope this helps!

Enjoy your day,


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