My Business Diary: Exerpt from June 9

Exerpt from June 9, 2009

Dear Business Diary,

...Tonight my mind is so clear. I have fresh ideas daily. I have so many ambitions and goals for Journal Junky...

But I have a few problems...

  • I love the excitement of planning, planning, planning. My problems is excuting my plans successfully. This is my motto: "My success is measured by my ability to complete things."

  • My goal is to have a representation of Journal Junky in every state.

  • Yes, this means selling my journals to upscale gift boutiques in every state. I continue to discuss and plan, but I really havent made any phone calls, which means I haven't made many boutique sells, which means my journals aren't in many states!
  • I need to seriously work on my execution!!!!!!

My personal self-analysis:

Sometimes you have to stop and take note of yourself when starting a new business. Ask yourself, "Do I really have what it takes to become successful in my business?" If the answer is NO then maybe you should consider surrounding yourself with those who can help you be successful, or maybe you should reconsider your business planning.

I started to ask myself why am I not moving on with my ideas? Why am I not acting? Each time I came to the same conclusion. FEAR!!!!

Fear is very common among new business owners. These are my fears (I can be honest with you!):

  1. Rejection: What if no stores want my product? What if I can't get a business loan? What if everybody thinks my ideas are riduculous? What if stores don't want to pay my price for my product?
  2. What if I explode? What if I get so many orders I can't handle it?
  3. What if I don't meet all of the legal requirements in owning a business? What if I do my taxes wrong? What if I make a mistake?
  4. What if I am just not successful! What if I don't plan correctly?

So many questions and so many fears. These are only some of them!

As I work on overcoming my fears, This is a quote I heard that think will help me along the way...

"Be more than just a dreamer...DO SOMETHING!!!!!"

Yes Sir!

Enjoy your day,


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