My Business Diary-Excerpt from June 10

Good morning!!!

I read this very very interesting book the other day, While sipping on my favorite Starbucks drink-Caramel Apple Spice!!!! YOOO HOOO that drinks keeps me going! Anyway, I was reading this book "Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee."

Jennifer talked about planning your business from start to finish, but how to do the panning in a very artistic way. I mean she really connected with the artist and the book was really cool. These are some of her pictures from her website:

The point was to create a visual business plan. Now I don't consider myself an artist, I can only draw Mickey Mouse's face (and that was self-taught!), but after reading this book, I realized that everybody is an artist to a certain degree.

The part I have used is the writing about every little thing that goes on in my business. I was doing this any way, but sometimes it's good to be inspired.

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