Why is it so hard to sell just 10 journals a day? Reflections on My Business...

I've been thinking,
I am happy with the success Journal Junky has had so far. I mean really! Since August 2008 I have had over 300 sales and the journals are in a number of stores and on bookshelves across the world! How exciting.
But there is just so much more that I want to do with Journal Junky. I want to see my journals in a gift boutique in every state! That is my long term goal. So far I have three states and counting, 48 more to go!

But I feel very discontented, and this is what I've decided to do. In order to have a successful business, I need to start at the beginning. Journal Junky started as a hobby and sort of took off without warning. But I need to start at the beginning, start with a business plan.

I need to work towards a bonified goal! So I have decided to take a step back and focus on what I want from Journal Junky and begin again. I will start with "Small Business for Dummies".

This blog was originally intended to advertise my journals, but I think I will just let it be an outlet for my Entreprenuerial Adventures. ( I need to do a business plan for my blog as well!!) Yikes!!!

Hopefully you will follow my adventures and maybe even share ideas, advice, and maybe even your own adventures.

See you soon...

Nicole Annette

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  1. Wow! 300 sales?! That's way more than what I've done. Congratulations on your success!


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