Wacky Wednesday!!!

Ok. I'm back with the weird, wacky, and wonderful journals. Every Wednesday, (if you're new to my blog), I look for distinct journals. They have to be handmade and creative, and I do prefer earth-friendly. (If you know of any, please pass on the cheer!)

These are some really cool journals I found on Etsy. (I have to tell you more about Etsy a little later).

I found these on Etsy (like I mentioned) by BuddyDesign's. Check out this site. It's got some cool stuff! These journals have decorative stitched fabric on a moleskin cover. Worth checking out! (I would add more tonight, but my computer is totally wacking out).

Now, you might ask, "why are you providing FREE ADVERTISING for these artists by showing their work?" Well, it's like this. I know how it feels to be a creator of totally unique things, and to want the world to know about it! It's really hard to want to get the word out about your products if "the word" cost $200 a month. (THAT'S RENT FOR SOME PEOPLE!!!) So I said to myself, "Self, you remember how hard it was to market your creations, now that you're moving up the ladder a little, why don't you help the others behind you climb?" So, that is why I share with you other unique journal artists and their work. And besides, I like their stuff!!
I hope you enjoy it.

I understand what it means to be a Journal Junky. It means you love love love love love journals and you just can't get enough of them. It means you are hooked on paper and pens, and there is no remedy. It means you probably have 15 of them hanging around your abode empty. It means you love to write lists and many other things. (Most of my journals are filled with nothing but lists, lists, lists)! Is that a disorder or something? My husband (bless his sweet little heart) is always asking me, "Honey! What in the world are you writing about now!!!???" Sorry!

So my point is this. As a Journal Junky (I think I'll have tee's made or something, that say, "I am a Journal Junky!" ) I know that you enjoy a variety of those cute little paper books. So I'd like to give you a variety to choose from! (I just bought another new cute little one today.)


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