Journal Selling Adventures III cont...

Ok. I don't know what all that was about. Anyhoo, ummm what was I saying...Oh YES! Remember in Part II, I was explaining to you about the various buyers I contacted regarding my Journal Junky journals. (If you've been following my blog, thanks bunches.) I mentioned the local General Store with seven stores in the southern area.

Well my contact, at the Gen Store, told me that she was not buying anything else until the New Year. Ok. I accepted that. BUT!!! She emailed me on Monday, and told me that she visited my website and wanted me to send her a sample journal so that she could show her merchandiser!!!!! Isn't this wonderful! I was too excited. So that's the first good news piece.

The second wonderful item of news is this. Today I had my meeting with the local bookstore here in Asheville called Malaprop's Bookstore. I love this bookstore. It has a coffee shop in it and it's all trendy and urban and stuff. It's really great! Well...Starting next week you can buy Journal Junky journals at Malaprop's!!!!!! YYYYaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! I was too excited! Gina (the buying manager) is so great and friendly. We had a little talk and she loved the journals. I am really so happy. Can you feel the exhilaration exuding from my pores????

I gotta run, talk to you tonight...Hope you have a good evening...Oh and today is Wacky Wednesday. So today, I'll be hunting for and posting those unique journals, and don't forget to share some with me if you find weird or wacky journals!


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