Wacky Wednesday!

On Wednesdays I like to have a little fun. As I said before, I love all kinds of journals. So I put on my new suede shoes and go marching through the world to love for the most creative, unique, weird, ugly, crazy, funny, journals to share with you.

Today the journal theme is Fall Journals. Journals that depict the nature of the season.

Now this is a reeeeaaaly interesting one I found on Etsy.

This one's pretty cool too. From Hawaii. (They have the Fall Season in Hawaii)??

Oh and here's a cool Willie Nelson journal...It's something to do with fall right? Well beautiful leaves fall in the country! That's it! And he is a Country singer. I knew I could tie the two together!

I must be going, enjoy your day!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my leaf journal! I'm glad you like it. Off to browse through your blog.


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