My Journal Selling Adventures Part 1


I'm so glad you decided to visit me today. Let me tell you what happened. (Well today is actually Saturday but it's really late Friday night). So anyhoo...Journal Junky, is going to be huge!!!! I can feel it. When I started creating my journals back in August, they began to sell like wildfire! And I just saw so many things, I could do with the business. I don't know if I told you this before but my journals are being sold in a cute little boutique named Frock in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The owner contacted me through my website ( and asked to meet with me. She (obviously) absolutely looovved my journals! So she bought some.

I was too excited! That was so easy! So then I thought, well they (journals) must be really hot if a store wanted to buy them, so I began thinking about other places that might want to buy. Needless to say, I have been sooooo nervous for the last few weeks as I created a list of potential shops. Searching for additional support, I joined a great network called StartupNation (SUN). This network is "by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs." Professionals give free advice and many questions are answered. It's such a great help. If you are a business owner, great or small you've gotta check it out!

So I met some really nice professionals who were willing to help me and give me some advice on my online stores. This one guy named Chris-(he has a really really cool product called Tiger Taco-check it out, his tacos are a little more helpful than a tortilla shell)-has been really inspiring.

I was asking how to go about selling my journals to retail stores. I explained how nervous I was and all, and Chris calmed my fears and gave me good advice. I took his nuggets of wisdom and begin to "launch my attack!" (I'll tell you how it went be continued...stay tuned and please follow the blog to hear more. I have lots to say!)


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