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I have been really busy filling orders and life has been a whirlwind! But this week I have finally had a peaceful and quiet moment, no week, in which to relax and wind down from my busy schedule. Orders have been slow this week but that's fine, I needed the break. I expect the flow to pick up next week which will be perfect because my Assistant Maker will be back in town from vacation, but I'll save her for another post...

Anyway, I have found two new creative outlets in photography and gardening! Whodathunkit!? I've always had a black thumb, but I think its finally turning green because only two out of five plants have died in the last two years! As for photography, that began with wanting professional looking product pictures in my shop, so I've been growing an interest in the art. 

Today, hubby, baby and I went to Lowe's to browse plants, flowering shrubs, and ground cover. We found a few lovely ideas...My favorite bush is Hydrangea!
I also tried my hand at potting this week! I am pretty satisfied with my results. I'll be watching to see if the plants thrive.
My potted plants.




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