7 Ways to Get the Cobwebs Out of your LIFE!!!

The other day, I was watching a Stinkbug (there is truly an infestation this year!) struggle in a spider's web.  The web was very dusty and coming apart, and the spider was up in a corner relaxing!  The Stinkbug really had a chance.  (Whoever heard of a spider sleeping when a bug is in its grasp?!)  The Stinkbug struggled and finally got the top of its body free.  The spider finally "woke up," and realized it was about to lose dinner for that night, however, by the time the spider reached the bug, it had crawled free.  The spider missed that opportunity because it left its web unorganized and unkept.

Google descibes a cobweb as a web having tangles.  I realized that I had many tangles in my life and for this reason, I had not taken advantage of many opportunities.  I was running my life in a disorganized fashion resulting in disorder in my business, and in all aspects of my life!

I decided to use my journal to get through these tangles and to re-organize my life, and I can happily say, that I am becoming successful in this endeavor.  I have been undergoing a massive cultivation in the last 5 or so years.  I am recognizing who I am, and my potential for success. In upcoming blog posts, I would like to share some of the things I have been learning.

Today, I will share my 7 Ways to Get the Cobwebs Out of Your Life (I will go into greater detail on this subject this week):

1. Prepare a Peaceful Place: Create an encouraging, relaxing, and empowering space in your home.
2. Protect your mind: Be careful of the messages you receive on a daily basis.
3. Create Pleasurable Moments in Your Day: Take a moment for you.  Do something you enjoy.
4. Stay Positive Regardless: When life throws you ham bones, make soup.
5. Plan Your Day: Goals help us to stay focused on success.
6. Recognize the Power Within Yourself: Celebrate yourself and your potential. There is NOTHING you can't do!
7. Pamper YOU!: This is so important for managing stress and boosting self-esteem.  When you look good, you feel good.

I look forward to discussing these concepts with you further.  Please comment and share some ways you keep the cobwebs out of your life.


Nicole Annette

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