Nicole is Back and Ready to Go!!

I am off of vacation and I must say, I needed the rest.  I was able to step back and consider my goals and desires for Journal Junky. Business had picked up so much and I could not keep up.  I had no systems in place to keep up with success.  I realized I needed to get organized!  I took time to organize my studio space and to give it an updated look with fresh Bright White paint (from Lowes.)  It looks so nice now and clean and clear!  This helps organize the mind as well.  I "hired" my first employee, who comes on Monday's and is such a great help.

I've created new things and my creativity has reached new levels!  I've got so much to share.  Business is booming today and I just re-opened today!  I really feel motivated and I love talking to my customers and  meeting new customers.  That is the part I enjoy most about my business-packing orders for my dear customers.

So anyway,  I needed the break to regroup and now I am re-energized and ready for success!

My goals for this month for both shops (Journal Junky and Journal Junky Naturals:)

1. Sell at least $500.00 in merchandise. Complete
2. Submit journal samples to publisher. (My latest venture.)
3. Add 5 new products to my new website (Journal Junky) Complete
4. Set up my first Journal Junky Party Home Show.
5. Create mini catalog for home shows
6. Create Journal Junky sample for home shows.
7. Create Journal Junky Party Home Show plan.

I am working to get all of these goals accomplished.  If I stay organized, I can do it!

Oh, and journals have made their way to Hollywood for the LeFemme Film Festival in October!!!

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