New Blank Books are Now Available in my Shop!

Today I added new blank books to my Etsy store.  I had so much fun making these last night!  It's sooo therapeutic.  To me the blank books are so rustic and "Old Worldly."  One customer described them as something special she happened upon in the attic!  I love the natural raw pages of this recycled book.  I use these all the time!  Here are a few examples.

 This is one of my favorite prints.  It's full of encouraging words in a soothing color!

 This one is pretty cool.  Kind of different, that's why I like it. 
It's like a sky-blue honeycomb design with an accent of green. 
It reminds me of the water, grass, and the earth.  Cool!

 This design reminds me of Parisian romance.  I don't know why.
Maybe it's because of the script writing.  It may be a love letter.  Who knows!

 This is a pretty book.  I thought it would be a nice one for Mother's Day.
Or as a simple gift.  It's so full of fun colors.

 This is another favorite of mine as well as a customer favorite. 
I guess it's like a steampunk/retro/vintage print of some kind.
It's just like "anything goes" on this design!

 I call this print Desert Flower.  It reminds me of sand and sky
with a splash of color in the midst of the natural background.

 Another customer favorite!  And mine too.  This is probably the
most popular print I have sold in the last three years. 
Who doesn't love owls?

 I love creating gift sets and assortments for my customers.
Assortments begin at five journals.

I love the rich raw natural pages of these blank books. 
One side of the page is roughly textured and the other side is smooth.
I love this book for scrapbooking, drawing, painting, writing, collage, and so much more!

*These lovely papers are from K&Co.


  1. These are all really lovely, I particularly like the second one. The trouble for me is with books as lovely as these I don't want to ruin them with my scribble!

  2. Hi! Your "scribble" is just the thing that makes these books beautiful! ; )
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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