Capture the Moment. Preserve the Memory.-How to Preserve your Memories through Journaling

Here at Journal Junky we believe it is so important to capture special moments and to take the time to preserve memories.  In the future, as we read our journal entries, we can once again relive those special moments.

I found the following exerpt from Chronicle of Life and wanted to share:

Record three things you did today

Keeping a daily journal is the easiest and also most comprehensive way to preserve your memories. Some people like to write down a comprehensive account of their feelings and actions for the day, while others prefer to just write down the three main activities they did that day. A daily journal may prove useful one day when you're trying to remember something important, and it will certainly be very interesting to you and your loved ones many years from now.
Today is a special day even if nothing "significant" happened.  Write about it!


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