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Journals can be used for introspective writing and self-awareness...

Hi everyone! I do hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I have totally enjoyed my holiday. I went to visit family and friends over the weekend. Family is important. Not everyone has family. The holidays (and everyday for that matter) should be a special time taken with those who are important.

In life, I realize that so many times people hinder their relationships by holding grudges. So many families are torn by regret, mistakes, grudges, and animosity. Why is it so hard to say "I'm sorry," or to forgive someone? Life is just a short breath of air. One puff, and life is over. When a family member or a friend passes on, what kinds of memories will we have left? Bitter memories of guilt or beautiful memories of love?
My resolution: I am going to work hard to love each of my family members, and friends. I do not want to be in a position where I cannot forgive someone, because I need forgiveness too at times. We all do. I will say "I'm sorry" when I need to because I want to keep the circle of love going around...and around...and around...Life is short, and memories are all that's left...make good ones!

I found this passage by Dr. Steve Stephens. This makes a good journal activity.
1. Write and Read the passage
2. Think about how the passage applies to you
3. Write down your thoughts (Do you agree with the passage? Why, why not? What other reasons would you add to the passage?)
4. Write your personal resolution

"12 Reasons to Say I'm Sorry"
When you...
1. Are wrong
2. Are rude
3. Are defensive
4. Are impatient
5. Are negative
6. Are hurtful
7. Are insensitive
8. Are forgetful
9. Are confused or confusing
10. Have neglected, ignored, or overlooked something important to one you love
11. Have damaged or misused something that is not yours (even if it was an accident)
12. Have not said "I'm sorry" as sincerely and quickly as the situation needed
Thank you for reading, I welcome your comments and suggestions and topics!
Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. Nicole,
    Forgiveness is a vital part of keeping ourselves in a healthy growing place, and a journal is a great place to delve deep into the roots of issues we struggle with when dealing with forgiveness. Love the long list of prompts to work from.

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