Tips for Tuesday! Personal Teen Journals

Today's chunky handbound books are from Wee Bindery! Ever thought about the teens in your life writing journals?

Free Spirit-
I'm sure we all know a free spirit!
Your teen will love to express his or herself in
this adorable book; just asking for soulful thoughts
to be added to its pages.

A More Rustic Edge to Writing-
Your teen will enjoy this journal
while enjoying nature at the same time!
Think, pausing by a waterfall in the mountains
to write about the variety of animals around.

A More Classic Style-
Your teen may like to jot down
to-the-point information
about his or her day.
Perhaps a poem or two...

A Softer Touch?
So much to say, so little time.
Your teen may find the time to
write in this lovely, and graceful book!
I have been working with teen groups over the years, and now I am interested in doing some work with them while sharing my journals. I strongly believe in the power of writing, and I believe that young people can benefit from this power as well.
Today, I was approached by a lady who wanted to know if I'd be interested in doing some journaling sessions with her teen girls group. I told her yes! I totally look forward to this opportunity!

Did you write as a teen? Did it help you to get your thoughts down on paper?

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