Dear Business Diary...January 20, 2010

"Dear Business Diary (January 20, 2010),

Today, I had an encouraging word from a new customer. This is what she said:

"Out of all the journals in etsy land, I found yours !!!! Love them...your twist on the recycled look is very chic and really stands out above the others."

This was very helpful. Today, I was having another doubtful moment about the business. I think it's amazing how many up and down emotions you have when you own a business. It's like being in a relationship. You want to put alot into your business and you expect it to reward you for your efforts. If you don't see quick rewards, you begin to doubt your efforts. I suppose that's where faith comes in-faith, passion, and tenacity. Just knowing that you are finally doing what you love is great satisfaction. Enjoying your work is the first step to success-or maybe it is success. Hmmm...there seems to be many layers of success one can achieve...I must think about this...

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