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Ok. Today was great! (In the beginning of the day, later I had to attend a funeral)...Anyway this morning, I attended an Extreme Tour Entrepreneurial Seminar/Conference. It was soooo very inspiring. I heard about it last minute like on Friday or so and it was free (at the local community college) so I decided to check it out! I met soo many wonderful and inspiring people there. It was pure motivation. Meeting renown entrepreneurs under the age of 30! How great! One of the most important contacts I made was when speaking to the main speaker of the event, Arel Moodie.

This is a young man with lots of energy! He owns companies and is an inspiring motivational speaker. He gave me the name of a potential mentor. That is one thing I am lacking. I do not have a mentor. I believe a mentor will provide me with clear direction on many things. Her name is Joanna and her business is PhiloSophie's a greeting card company which she started out doing handmade! I will definitely check her out. Thank you Arel.

Anywhoo, I met other people who shared the same dream of owning a business and the networking was pretty good. I even won the networking contest and the prize was PeachTree Accounting software!!! I am elated about that, because I need to keep better track of my business finances. When I incorporate, this will force me to keep better track...

Overall, this conference was great! If you have a chance to attend one, do it!

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Annette

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