Recycled Paper Products Part One

Do you ever wonder about other ways to use ordinary household items? Here is a cool article from the World Environmental Organization. How in the world can we reuse TOILET PAPER ROLLS!!! Have you tried any of these methods? These are some of the methods I enjoyed.

1. Put in the hamster cage.
2. Wrap double-sided tape around the tube, stick one or two fingers in the middle and roll over clothing, furniture, etc. to remove lint.
3. Let your kids use along with kleenex boxes as building blocks.
4. Stuff a few plastic bags into the tube and then place the tube in the glove compartment of your car. It will keep them tidy and on-hand for when you need them.
5. Slip over small cords to prevent them from tangling.
6. Glue tubes together vertically into a grid larger than your television. Cover the grid with wax paper and place in front of the tv. It gives you a cool, multi-colored light.
7. Use in place of a peat pot. Fill with potting soil, place in a plastic butter/ice cream tub, plant the seed and water. When the plants sprouts, plant the seedling (tube and all) in the ground. The tube rots away.

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