Please forgive me...

You know what? I just want to say that I apologize. I do. I have been so blank on what to say in a blog that I just stopped writing. For a month!!! Now, I am a writer. I loooove to write. I have journals full of lists and papers, poems, and thoughts etc. I thought maybe it would be the same for blogging, but I was wrong. I think I just really enjoy the feel of a pen in my hand scratching away on a clean piece of crispy white paper.
So I am going to do better. But I need your help. What kinds of topics would like to to see? I think I want this blog to pertain directly to its name. Journal Junky. I want this blog to cater to journal junkies everywhere. From pictures to "how to's" I'll have to see about that. I need to brainstorm...


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