Where do I start...?

First, I ask your forgiveness for not speaking to you over the last week. You would not believe the busyness of the week (is busyness a word?) I have been out of town, starting a new job and juggling countless orders and other stuff. How are you? I hope you had a much more relaxing week than I have.

(Some of my new journals)

I just wanted to update you on the General Store account I was trying to set up with my journal business. If you have been following the blog so far, you know that I have been trying to get my creative works into shops of various kinds. One such endeavor was a General Store. (I'm been general with the name because, they have not yet purchased anything).

Well, the buyer for this particular store asked me to send samples to her and I did. Last week, she contacted me stating that she loved the journals. This is very exciting news. She also wants me to create other ideas for the store and it all sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I am very excited and a little nervous.

The General Store is a chain of seven stores. She wants me to supply all seven stores! This is so great. I am feeling quite overwhelmed with the prospect of it all and potential business success. But, I have a lot of questions. She used some jargon I was not familiar with like the "terms" I want to set, and minimum order and reorder numbers for product purchase. I have a feeling what these things mean but I want to make sure I do everything correctly and professionally. I am going to ask my friends at StartUpNation about it...
I'll let you know how it goes. If you have any advice please share...

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