How the Man in the Wheelchair Changed my Day: 5 Tips on How to be Thankful for EVERY Situation

I am sitting in the parking lot of my husband's orthopedic doctor's office. He recently sustained a knee injury while playing basketball and has been out of work for a week.

I'm sitting here thinking and praying about bills and finances, fighting off the clutches of worry and anxiety. Maternity bills, medical bills, co-pays, pediatric bills, ridiculous insurance...the thoughts race through my head...but then I see a man rolling in his wheelchair from between the doors of the office, and I realize that his chair is his life for he is a double-amputee.

With his stubs unabashedly exposed to the world, (most people would have used a blanket,) he cheerfully rolls to his vehical, lets himself into his customized van...and drives away! Never a thought for his "disability" because he has none. He is able to do for himself and appears to be quite independent having embraced his situation.
So now I sit here inspired. Someone always has it "worse" than we do. We have no need to complain about our current situation. All we have to do is decide to embrace our reality and find the good in every moment. 

My husband is off of work, so my son and I will enjoy this time we get to spend with him. We have maternity bills so that means that we have the privedge of expecting a child. Having recently lost two pregnancies, I truly count this one a blessing. Pediatric bills? Well I'm thankful my 4 year old son is healthy, smart, and ready for school. Ridiculous insurance? Well I am thankful that I DO have insurance that will cover at least 80% of our medical costs.

Now I feel better. I will not worry for all is in control and all will work out. I will just choose to embrace and enjoy each moment of life that I am allowed...

Here are 5 ways you can be thankful for EVERY situation: 

1. Change your mindset/perspective. Make an active and conscious decision to be thankful.

 2. Look for the good in your situation and magnify it.

3. Embrace your current reality. If you can change it, then change it. If you can't then accept.

 4. Step out of your life and into the life of another person. See how they work with their obstacles, challenges, or situations. Be inspired by others and know that your life could be so much worse than it is.

5. Go for a walk or do something positive to keep your mind off of the negative thoughts of fear and anxiety. Sing, hum, write, paint, dance in the rain. Do something to lift your spirits.

Bonus: SMILE even when you don't feel like it. Share your smile with someone else, it's contagious...

Xo Nicole

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