3 Reasons to Put Your Goals on Paper

It's a new year! A fresh start, a clean slate. For many of us, the new year holds so many hopes and desires. So man
y promises, and dreams. We feel motivated to start new things and to accomplish new or existing goals.  Unfortunately, we also fall behind in our new and exciting endeavors within two weeks! I have found that writing my goals down on paper (instead of keeping them in the mental notebook) encourages me to stay motivated throughout the month of January and beyond!

Benefits of writing out your goals:

1.  The act of writing literally stimulates the brain's memory banks.

2.  Writing your goals helps you to organize and prioritize them. Sometimes we may realize that we have too many goals or that they may not be realistic.  This results in overwhelming feelings and a loss of motivation. Seeing your goals on paper allows you refocus your energy on what really matters to you.  Prioritizing your goals and creating steps to achieve them gives a direct vision of the end result.

3.  Writing your goals makes you more accountable.
It's easy to have a goal "in your head," but it's also easy to continue to tweak the goal, forget the goal, or lose track of your goal and the steps it will take to accomplish it.  Seeing your goals on paper makes you more accountable to yourself and to others should you decide to share it. It is also a powerful motivator as you write your goals on paper everyday.

Tip for staying motivated:

Mount your goals on a wall, on a mirror, on the fridge, or in your car.  Post them in a convenient place where they are easily visible and where they will provide constant reminders of what you would like to achieve.

Each day, focus on your goal(s) and the "why" for achieving it.  Knowing your purpose of creating your goal and being reminded daily of that purpose keeps you on track when the going gets a bit tough.

Well, I'd better take a moment to grab some paper and write down MY goals for the year. Feel free to share yours if you like!

Xo Nicole

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