Journal Junky Needs Your Support!!!

So, my dear brother, Gary Nunley challenged me to apply for Chase Mission Main Street Grants a half hour before the application process was over!  I had seen people applying for the grant, but I had no idea, I was eligible to apply myself. But I took the challenge and applied. 

The application really made me think about what my business really means to me and my community. I had to perform spontaneously and provide answers about Journal Junky. The process really forced me to think quickly and passionately about my business and what I really wanted out of it. What an awesome mental exercise! 

So now, friends, I'll be needing your help to get Journal Junky to the next level which is being able to provide more jobs in our communities! As a friend, as a follower, as a customer, please vote for Journal Junky and show your support. What if...just what if we won? This will change my business and my life...I need 250 votes by October 17th, but your 1 vote is the most important. 

Thank you so much in advance!



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