Shopping for new pretty journal designs...

I'm like soooo addicted to paper.  It's a crying shame really...I have alot of paper in my work space and I'm trying to weed it out until all I have is digital paper.  (It's more eco-friendly and clutter-friendly)

Anyway, I'm shopping for new journal designs this week.  Check out these LOVELY works of art I've found!  I truly love supporting Etsy artists!

Bright. Funny. Summery.

 This paper pack is just lovely.  I love its bright colors.
It reminds me of great fabrics, and a sunny day at the beach.

I am sooooo in love with this one!
So gentle and perfect and pretty. I gotta have it!

 I bought this one today.  It's really soft and bright as well.

Can't you just hear that little red bird chirping! I can in this
oh so lovely mixture of beautiful summer-day prints!

I have such a weakness for pretty vintage ephemera. 
Oh!  The Romance of it all!
Hold me my love or I shall swoon...

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