A Much Needed Journal Junky Update


I am just checking in.  I'm not sure who reads my blog.  I know of two ladies who read and I appreciate their support.  But just in case anyone else reads it, you may notice my long absence.  I am extremely busy!  Journal Junky has picked up so much business.  It's almost overwhelming!  I am working on maintaining my focus on one thing.  My Mini Binders.  Those have been selling out of the roof on Etsy and by word of mouth.  I had quite a bit of exposure on the radio and in the local Newspaper.  That has been exciting. 

These are some comments from a few of my customers:

"This is the neatest grocery list organizer ever! You can see the care that is put into making it! Perfect!"-Trish J.

"Love, Love, Love my recipe binder. It is so cute and I love that it stands up so I can read all of my recipes when I cook."-Lindsay

"Great item, very cute [planner]."-G. Law

"Lovely notebook. Perfect size to have on hand for notes and ideas."-Angie E. (Referring to the NoteKeeper)

I absolutely LOVE making these little books and am working on these "full time."  I'm going to begin changing the focus of Journal Junky.  I'm revisiting my business plan and working on fresh ideas.  I will update this blog with more information as it is my business diary of a sort. 

Comments are always nice.   If you have any ideas for new Mini Binders, feel free to share!

Until the near future, write well!


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  1. Glad to hear things are going well for you! :)


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