Think Positive, Write Positive, Act Positive! (A Six-Part Series)-Part One: Feel Positive Emotions

This week's journal exercise is to help organize the mind!
This is the first of a six-part series entitled:

Think Positive, Write Positive, Act Positive!

Many times, I find that we waste lots of thoughts on negative things.  Believe it or not, our thoughts many times control our actions. 

Hmmmm, why is it that we have to make such an effort to think on good things?  Those bad thoughts seem to come sooo effortlessly...

The truth is, we have to develop the habit of thinking positively!  This week's journaling exercise will hopefully help us begin to develop this habit, if we haven't already done so. 

This week, let's become aware of the emotions we are feeling.  Focus on the positive emotions and magnify those. 

In your journal:
  • Focus: Write a list of all the positive emotions you feel, or have felt, throughout the day and the week.  Combat a negative thought with a positive one.
  • Analyze: Write down the events, people, places, or happenings that caused you to feel these positive emotions.
  • Reflect: At the end of the week, answer the following question in your journal, "How do I feel having focused on my positive emotions during this week?
  • Affirm: Write down your declaration that you choose to think positive thoughts and focus on the good. (ex.  I Nicole Annette will choose to think positively and will focus on good thoughts everyday!)
  • Share: It's good to share your affirmation with others.  This allows you to become accountable, and also sets the tone for what you allow others to bring into your life. 
I will be doing this exercise as well, and I will comment on my thoughts at the end of the week.  Please share your thoughts on this subject.  I would love to hear from you. Maybe you can share your end of the week reflections with us?

Thank you for reading!

Nicole Annette

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