Writing in the New Year: Writing a Clear Mind!

Happy New Year everyone!

Let me ask you, how many have resolved to keep a journal this year? Many of us no doubt have made this promise to ourselves (me included!)  2011 was super busy for me and I barely took a moment to stop and write.  I want to get back into journaling, and I resolve to make an even greater effort this year.

I was just  thinking over some of the mental benefits that journaling offers and I wanted to share them:

1. Journaling provides Stress reduction

2. Reduces the scatter in your life
3. Increases focus
4. Brings stability
5. Offers a deeper level of learning, order, action and release
6. Processes your experiences in a natural and appropriate way
7. Organizes thoughts and ideas
8. Bridges inner thinking with outer events
(From Journaling Tools)

A Journal Junky Tip:

If your mind races at bedtime, use your journal to capture the chaos of your disorganized mind.  Many times I have so many thoughts, plans, and things to do.  It really helps to write these down and to clear my mind before bed.  On a fresh page in your notebook or journal, quickly jot down all that comes to mind.  It can be a word, sentence, phrase, pros and cons list, drawings...whatever helps to clear your thoughts. Don't think too hard, just write!  Once your mind is clear, close your book on your thoughts and revisit them later...and get some sleep.

How do you use your journal to clear your mind? Please comment and share! 

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Annette

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