New Mini Binder Series-The NoteKeeper

I really have so many new ideas in mind for this year!  I just can't wait to share them all with you.  One new thing is the introduction of the Mini Binder Series.

~What is the Mini Binder Series?

The Mini Binder Series is a collection of small compact binders created for the convenience of our customers. The Mini Binder Series is the alternative to large bulky journals. The series will include The Mini Budget Book, The NoteKeeper, The Mini Planner and more.  These small binders easily fit into your hand, your pocket, a small purse or lunchbag, and even your sock! They are easy to grab on the go. This year we plan to introduce a number of Mini Binders for your enjoyment...

~How can I use The NoteKeeper?

You can use The NoteKeeper mini binder for jotting down your grocery list (or any other list), writing spelling words, college notes, ideas, budget, recipes and more! You can keep this mini binder for yourself or give it as a gift. Our NoteKeeper is great for school, work, or play. The NoteKeeper can also be used with your custom prints for cool gift ideas for weddings, classrooms, non-profit or corporate organizations. (Feel free to email me about a custom order of NoteKeepers for you or for your business)

Examples of the NoteKeeper:
Designer: Jazzy Patterns

Slate Blue
Designer: Baa Baa Creations

 Red Bird

Lime Green Bird

~What makes this item so special?

Here at Journal Junky®, we take pride in the quality and eco-friendliness of our products. This mini binder is well made and can be used over and over again (with fresh inserts.) We enjoy making our products for you.

Also, this year, Journal Junky® will begin to focus on designs featuring independent artists and their work. We are proud and excited to promote other small businesses!

Thanks for reading!

Please share thoughts and comments.

Nicole Annette

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