Journaling for Success-Managing How We Use Our Time

One of the focus points of success is "Time Management," and believe it or not, many people have a problem with this subject!  We know that we cannot really manage time, so I like to say, we can manage how we use the time we have.

Taking a moment to sit and reflect in our journals on how we "manage our time," will enable us to become aware of our habits and to make improvements, (if needed), thus making us successful in life.

In Your Journal:

~Do you often over-book and over-task yourself?  Today, at the beginning of the week, take a moment to write down your commitments for the week.  This visual reminder will help you remember what you are involved in, and will make you think twice before taking on something else.

~After you write down your commitments, take a moment to prioritize the items on your list.  Take time for the really important things in life (family, friends, me time, relationships...) and then write in everything else.

This journal activity will again, allow you to see what is an important commitment and how you view your priorities in life.  It will also help you organize your day, your week, and essentially, your life!

A Journal Junky Tip:

You may find it helpful to write a list of commitments for each day.  As you complete each task or commitment, cross it out for an added sense of accomplishment. 

I do this every day and it works well for me.  How does it work for you?  I hope you will share your comments, and I hope today's topic helps!

Thank you for reading,

Nicole Annette

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