My Dream:an entrepreneurial moment...

My Dream...

I was thinking the other day about a dream I have had for own a stationary store.  I envision myself surrounded by lovely papers, unique pens, and cool journals and cards; great merchandising and atmosphere with a small coffee/tea bar attached. A welcoming place for all to come and write and conversate.  I believe I will achieve this dream one day, but I would also love to own a cute online stationary boutique.  This idea gets stronger and stronger each day.


As I look at my Etsy store, I am not happy with it.  I don't like the set up or my pictures.  I have been toying with many ideas on how to change this.  I want my Etsy store to be a part of the cute online stationery boutique dream, but this will take lots of work to get it exactly how I am envisioning.  I am thinking of consistancy, brighter pictures, more variety, and more product design sets to start.

I would appreciate any feedback from my blog readers. 
Thank you for taking time to stop by and read!

Over the next little bit, I am going to begin focusing on stationary not just journals.  I love it all!

Take care!


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