Great Expectations!


Greetings everyone.  I am back and ready to get into gear with blogging, and creating, and selling! There has been much going on and one very special happening I wanted to share with you...drumroll...

We are expecting our first baby!!!!!

It has been high excitement around here as we have received this news with gladness.  We will be due this summer, July 30,  and we have made lots of changes in our home. 

What we have been doing for the most part of January, is rearranging my creative space.  My husband had to leave his creative space in the spare bedroom (now being prepared as the nursery) and has joined me in my Journal Junky space.  We purchased new storage cupboards, and desks, and things of the sort so that we can effectively combine our creativity, while keeping order! I will share comparison pictures once we have completed the room.  I'm very happy with it so far.

I have not been creative this year so far because my creative space has been under construction, and I am having total withdrawal pangs!  I am sooo happy that I will be able to begin with all of my new ideas and new papers in February. 

I will keep you updated with the goings on here at Journal Junky and I promise I will not keep you waiting so long again.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

Nicole Annette

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