Happy New Week!

Dear Business Diary,

This evening I had the opportunity to attend a Minority Business Expo. I met many wonderful entrepreneurs who were living their dream as business owners. It was inspiring to connect with other local business and to begin a networking relationship. (I am really proud of myself for going, because I am really shy and introverted and my business coach has been working with me on my networking skills.) I am glad I went. I learned a lot!

These are some businesses I was introduced to:

  • Faith Girl-A very inspiring line of clothing!
  • Let's Get Personal Photography
  • VP Music Studios-I totally will be checking this one out for singing lessons!
  • On A Mission "Bringing Color to Life" Art Studio/Jamil Burts-Artist-This young lady is super talented! She totally needs a website so you can see her work.
  • Heading in the Right Direction Inc.-Provides mental health support and services to youth! I was able to speak with Mr. Rashaad Woods, an ambitious young man who is the President of Heading in the Right Direction Inc. and Ms. Kidada Holloway also was a great young women to speak with and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Perhaps Journal Junky can work with this agency in the future...
  • Events Made Beautiful-Party & Event Rentals
  • Sum of it All-Handmade Crafts
  • My Addictions-Shoes and Accessories

...and many more!

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